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Meet Miss Maddi. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her for a couple of hours and captured her amazingly beautiful good looks. Not only is she just stunning, she is an awesome role model for young girls. Maddi is a cosmetologist and also does eyelash extensions. If you ever need her services, she will take care of you; I promise! Enjoy!

























Lacey - Ah! She is STUNNINGLY beautiful and you did such a fabulous job capturing her, Michelle! Your variety is amazing!

Chelle Raye - THank you so much LACEY! You just made my month!

{B} Family

I loved hanging out with this adorable family for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Not only have we known Sean from high school, but I was happy to finally become friends with his lovely wife Carson. She is soooo sweet (and hilarious) plus, the cutest prego to boot! They are expecting a little girl this July (although she keeps trying to make her appearance early!) to add to their beautiful family and rambunctious little boy, Nixon. He was a little handful, but so adorable with those sweet little lips of his, and cute expressions. Enjoy! (Techie stuff: D700, Mamiya 645, Porta 4oo and Fuji 400H.)



Baby Love

I have been trying to be diligent in capturing my little baby because let’s face it, she won’t be a baby for very long. She is growing up so fast and I need to make sure I document every little thing she does. So, without further ado, my Baby Love.


Lisa Holloway - She is so sweet…love your shots of her. What a beautiful baby. <3

{Expecting} Cara

I am so excited for my cousin Cara. Her little bundle Rhett will be making his debut in May and our whole family is more than ecstatic to welcome more babies. We decided it would be perfect to be able to capture spring in it’s first stages. Having a child correlates so well… Those new beginnings, those wonderful discoveries and everything is right as rain. I shot a mixture of digital (D700) and film (Mamiya and  F100 on Fuji 400h), which made for a hilarious photographer juggling act! Nonetheless, I am so pleased with how they turned out and she was just radiant and glowing. I am so excited for you Cara and Clarence, woot woot!