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Lovers Light

I LOVED shooting my good friend Hannah again, but this time, we added a handsome man and we created magic. The fall colors were breathtaking and even though we had an overcast day, the sun peeked it’s shining head out of the clouds for some beautiful shots towards the end. Enjoy!!


{J Family}

This is my sister’s family and she wanted to do a family/one and six -year-old shoot for my nephews… So, we went out on a WARM fall day to shoot! Below are some of my favorites; enjoy!!

Victoria Pt. 2

Annnnd, here is Part 2 of more Victoria-awesomeness. I think you may be able to see why I split them up. This is a totally different look than what we did before and more of a story line… which I totally dig. Again, I love how this came together and nothing makes my creative juices happy than a willing subject and beautiful backdrop. Enjoy, it’s a big one! (Techie stuff: D700-85mm 1.4G and Mamiya 645AF-Porta 400)


Amy Lucy Lockheart - These are all so gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite. You did an amazing job with this session!

Lacey - Hello GORGEOUS!! I can’t even pick a favorite!

Lacey - Hehe … funny that I just quoted Amy! LOL … promise I didn’t see she wrote that first!

Chelle Raye - Hahh! Great minds think alike! I love both your girls and thank you for your comments! :)

Victoria, Pt. 1

Wow. I had SO much fun shooting with my friend Victoria. We had so many ideas in my head and when she showed me her outfits, I had died and gone to heaven. I knew exactly where we would go and I knew exactly what kind of story I HAD to tell. I had to put these into two posts because, well, I just have to share so many! They are that special to me. Enjoy!


Heather - Chelle,

These are all stunning! I love them. The black and whites are perfect. I love the details, especially in her hair! And the colors are beautiful.

Chelle Raye - Thanks so much Heather! I love the detail shots too… :)

Kadi and Buster

What can I say? I had a blast capturing my friend Kadi and her horse, Buster. This was such a challenge for me but I truly felt the love between the two of them, and that made it so worth it. Horses are kind of like kids; they do what they want, eat when they want and only on THEIR time, can you create magic. And we did.  I can’t wait to do something like this again! I see a personal project coming up…….