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Hannah-Part 2 {FILM}

Let’s talk about film for a moment shall we? I grew (am growing) up in the digital age. Everything is easily accessible and well, EASY.

Photography is no exception. I got my start on a digital camera and have now invested my time and money into great equipment and learning all that I can about digital photography.

But, then, like a gleaming beacon I saw it. I saw images on film that I thought: “Wow. Those are amazing.”


Ladies and gentlemen, it was all down hill from there… as in, my wallet just got that much smaller. Either way, Hannah was again, nothing short of amazing; being uber patient with me as I would wind the film for each shot, set my exposure and clicked the cool little shutter on the front on my Mamiya 645.

It felt amazing.

And the shots came out even more amazing-er, er? I invite you to take a ride with me back in time and enjoy film again. Just know, as I have found out…. film is not dead. (If you want to to find out more about film, go check out Jonathan Canlas’ work here, pick up his AMAZING book here and join the facebook page here! You won’t regret it!)

It’s alive.

Alive and kicking and thriving….

For the geek part of it, these were shot all on medium format film, Kodak Porta 400.


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