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This year, I am trying to make it a goal to always look for the light in a situation; even if that means indoors. Yuck. Indoor lighting is horrible! BUT, with our dreary Utah winters, it’s important to keep up with our everyday regardless.

So,while Peytyn and I were getting ready for work, she was playing by our sliding door and I was able to capture this :

I just love her.

Sarah C - Well done capturing the light- it’s beautiful!!

Terry Beigie - Oh wow what a beauty! Lovely photos…I find lighting is something I struggle with.

Kim - Beautiful, love her eyelashes!

robin - Beautiful use of light, I think you did a great job! What a pretty little girl a her lashes are perfect!

Danielle - What a gorgeous image. Love the light in this. Great capture!!

Katie W - Yes, what beautiful light!

Holly C - So precious, and I love her name. :)

Tavia Redburn - So sweet! Great job finding the light.

Lauren P. - Love this… the lighting is so beautiful!

lindsay - this is so great. beautiful light, beautiful processing, beautiful girl.

sandy - Beautiful light, great work!

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