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Let It Be

I titled this post “Let It Be” because there have been a lot of HUGE changes in my life. One being CrossFit. Most of you hear me ranting and raving about it and I know it’s annoying; but here’s the thing: It’s empowering. It’s beautiful. It’s a lifestyle that I’m happy to embrace. Another reason for this post, is that Shelley (the beautiful girl you are about to see) has this very tattoo on her wrist. It describes her perfectly. She is the most caring, level-headed girl I have come to know. She has GREAT things ahead of her and I’m so grateful to be her friend. And last, but not least, I had a wonderful conversation with an amazing individual, Amber Smith…. you know who you are lady. She is so insightful, caring, PASSIONATE and gave me such amazing advice; I will take it to to my heart and hold onto to it forever and forever.

I love you Shelley.

I love you Am.

I love film.

Oh wait, now we are talking about film. Right! Yes, the reason for this post. Film is beautiful. It’s a breathtaking medium. Thank you so much to the FIND LAB for always making my images turn out exactly how I envisioned them.

And now, without further adieu, the stunning, SHELLEY.

Film Fridays {April}

It’s that time of the month again and this post is a long one! I love being part of this film blog circle with a bunch of talented women who love film as much as I do!

I actually have quite a few sessions that I need to blog (maternity session, birth story, newborn session, etc.) but I wanted to showcase my wonderful experience that I had last month at the FIND workshop hosted by Jonathan Canlas.  I had a blast, learned so much and walked away knowing more about who I am as an individual, where I want to take this journey and what I am passionate about. While I can’t explain in detail things that we discussed, I will say that I have so much LOVE and RESPECT for Jonathan Canlas. He showed so many facets of himself and I am ever so grateful for his infinite wealth of knowledge that he was so willing to share.

Below are some of my absolute favorite images from the workshop. There are a mix of couples, a beautiful family, out-takes, portraits of fellow FINDers and personal work that was derived from a little town called Helper, UT. The gear I used was my Mamiya 645AF and Nikon F100, along with Kodak Portra 400/800 and Kodak Ektar 100 film. This film wouldn’t look the way that it does without the relationship with an amazing Lab. Enter the The FINDlab! Everyone there shoots film and so they KNOW what to do and how to do it.

Enjoy; and when you’re done, follow on to the fabulous Karyn Johnson Photography, whose images are always so beautifully stunning!





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jessican - Oh wow these are all so so so wonderful! Maybe one day I will go to FIND. Looks like you had the best time ever! Gorgeous tones and beautiful subjects. :)

Chelle Raye - Thank you Jessica! Yes, I say do it. Even if you are hobbyist… It is worth it! :)

Cara - Wow! I have way too many favourites to list them, these are wonderful. Find would be such a dream to experience!

heidi - Oh my gosh! You have so many amazing photos here-love the soft muted colors. :) Going to FIND is a dream!

karyn - awww! Michelle, these are awesome. I didn’t know you were a finder too! Beautifully documented!!

Chelle Raye - Thank you so much Karyn! Yes! I finally got to be a FINDer and it was awesome. :)

Film Fridays {February}

I am sooo excited to be part of a fun group of wonderful ladies called Film Fridays. I’ve wanted to be part of a blog circle for awhile, so when I saw the opportunity, I asked and was accepted to join! Woot! I have been having a fun love-affair with film for about a year and want to continue to experiment and document. This circle couldn’t have come at a better time because I know it will push me to continue to grow and learn. I am attending the FIND workshop at the end of  March, so again, the timing is perfect.

Below are images I took of Peytyn at the park. I am just getting used to metering correctly, so this was more a “test” of sorts. These are straight scans from the FIND Lab, no edits. Easy peasy. That’s why I love film. All shot on my F100, 400h, 50mm 1.4G.

Follow the circle to Karyn Johnson!



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Katiusca - Great images! I love my F100. And you are going to love FIND!!! Can’t wait to see your images. Jon and Catherine are the best.

jessican - Love these shots and the beautiful tones and softness. I am jealous you are going to FIND. You must share your thoughts when you het back.

Chelle Raye - Thanks so much Katiusca! I too love my F100… I can’t wait either for FIND! I hope it’s a good experience. :)

Chelle Raye - Thanks Jessica! FIND Lab really did an excellent job taking the extra pinks out of the Fuji film. Oh, I will offer a full report of FIND…

Cara - What a sweetie you have to shoot. I love the colours and feel, and so look forward to seeing more from you. Having some Find envy though :D .

Chelle Raye - Thank you so much Cara! I can’t wait for FIND, but if you ever have the means, please go too!!

Cara - Michelle these are beautiful! You are very talented and I love your style.

Ilene Witt - Katiusca – Great images! I love my F100. And you are going to love FIND!!! Can’t wait to see your images. Jon and Catherine are the best.